I'll Cook, Serve, and Clean-up; While You Hang-out With Your Guests

Magic Mike serves BBQ, Ribs, Pulled Pork, Beef Brisket, and Beer Can Chicken with “the works”. Other menu items by request. The smoke from the big cooker at your event adds a touch of festivity.

Top Quality, Exceptional Taste, Flexible Menu For Any Meeting, Special Event or Fund-Raiser.

* Family Functions * Wedding Rehearsals Dinners * Bridal Showers *Bachelor Parties * Corporate Events *Retirement Parties *Promotion Celebrations *Client Appreciation Dinners * Church Family Nights *Committee Meetings " Newcomer Celebrations " Men's or Women's Group Dinners *Holiday Parties * Birthday Celebrations * Fundraisers * Political Gatherings * Church Week-Night Dinners

* Special pricing available for schools, churches, charities and other worthy causes.

Call Magic Mike at 704-400-6365, and I'll deliver great tasting BBQ. I believe you'll enjoy it and have me back, and hope you will tell your friends about Magic Mike.

"For Those Who Expect The Best"

In 1963 Colonel Sanders told me: "If you serve people a real good meal at a fair price, they'll come back; and they'll bring their friends." This is my goal for each and every event.

Magic Mike in Action